Chapter One

This BBQ Box is perfect for summer evenings. Our BBQ Box contains everything you need for a delicious BBQ.

All contents of the box come neatly packed and ready to be cooked. The meat in the box is 100% Irish from craft butcher Paddy Gaynor.

The box contains-

-4 Paddy Gaynor Burgers
-4 Cajun Marinated Chicken Fillets
-One Baby Stack Rack of Pork Ribs with a BBQ Sauce
-4 Large Pork Sausages on Skewers
-1 x 6 pack of Buffalo Chicken Wings with Franks Hot Sauce
-1 x 6 pack of BBQ Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
-4 Corn on the Cob with Black Pepper and Parmesan
-4 Brioche Buns
-2 Slices of Gouda, 2 Slices of Irish Cheddar, 4 Slices of Brie and a small block of Blue Cheese
-4 Back Bacon Rashers
-4 Marshmallow and Strawberry Skewers
-A Tub of Jalapeños
-A Tub of Coleslaw
-Sliced Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onions, Baby Gem Lettuce
-Garlic Mayo

When checking out please leave pick up or delivery date and time.

Please allow 24 hours for preparation. Thank you and enjoy!